About Us

Being a Native Teochew, Mr Eric Chua knows exactly the culture of authentic teochew taste. 39 years of culinary skills is not just about business. It is the passion in food that makes him to who he is today while Chin Lee was well recognise by many Singaporean and visitors.
Being formally trained in a magnutude of cuisines in the hospitality industry sets this gentleman apart from many others !

A modern presentation of the traditional cuisines that blends wholesomely well with original culture of teochew flavours has won countless of recommendations and accolades for Chin Lee.

Chef Eric was natural born food person and had a flair for art.
This can be seen by how the restaurant was decorated with oriental art pieces he collects. Beside receiving food academy and his extensive F&B experience , he has been actively involved in “Skills set test” and have received numerous awards!