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Our Story

Chin Lee Restaurant, a Teochew restaurant founded in 1973 by founder Eric Chua’s father.

Comfort, scrumptious food, excellent service – these are the traditions of the family owned restaurant; Chin Lee Restaurant over the last 40 years of success. We provide dining on large spacious tables in a friendly air conditioned surrounding indoor and for outdoor, the atmosphere is comfortable with red Chinese lanterns displayed and coolers and fans switched on for diners.

Chin Lee Restaurant is always available to service customers with a wide variety of teochew dishes and our menu offers an array of flavourful dishes that are sure to satisfy any appetite. For quality food, exceptional prices, and a clean and superb dining atmosphere, Chin Lee Restaurant is second to none.




Chef Eric Chua

Being a Native Teochew, Mr Eric Chua knows exactly the culture of authentic teochew taste. 39 years of culinary skills is not just about business. It is the passion in food that makes him to who he is today while Chin Lee was well recognise by many Singaporean and visitors.
Being formally trained in a magnutude of cuisines in the hospitality industry sets this gentleman apart from many others !

A modern presentation of the traditional cuisines that blends wholesomely well with original culture of teochew flavours has won countless of recommendations and accolades for Chin Lee.